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Stop Kicking the Cat

“Discover How It’s Not Only Possible But Also Easier Than You Might Think To  Start Following Your True Passion In Life…”
Introducing Tony Shepherd’s…
“Stop Kicking The Cat!”

(How To Let Go Of Your Frustration And Confusion To Gain The Clarity You Need To Live The Life You Want To Live )

Why You Don’t Have To Drop Out Of Society And Live In The Woods To Enjoy Life On Your OWN TERMS!
“Find Your Meaning…
…Find Your Success”
A quick message from Tony Shepherd…
Here’s a freaky question for you:
Think the goals that you currently have, the goals that you’re working towards or even the goals that you have achieved…
Are they actually YOUR goals?
Yes, it sounds crazy but think about it for a moment:
While you might dream of taking a year off work to travel the world, renovate a derelict windmill to live in or start an interior design business…
...Are those things really about you?
…Are they REALLY what you want to do?
…Will they genuinely make you happy?
Or are they ‘borrowed’ dreams that you’ve read about in a lifestyle magazine or seen someone else achieve?
Take swimming with dolphins as an example…
That particular goal appears on a lot of ‘bucket lists’ purely because it’s touted as ‘something everyone should do’  yet for most people it’s purely herd behaviour that they take part in because everyone else does.
Let me tell you the first time I saw dolphins in the wild I was on a small boat and these huge ten-foot long, powerful creatures scared the crap out of me. The last place I wanted to be was in the water with them, regardless of how magical people said the experience was.
And it’s the same with life goals.
They come in trends.
I’ll be totally honest here – ten years ago we almost sold up and moved to France. Lots of Brits were doing it at that time, to the point where specialist magazines and real estate agents had sprung up purely to cater for British people who were jumping on the fad.
Luckily a few personal things happened and we realised we really didn’t want to make the move at all, but it was a wake-up call about how easy it was to create goals that are influenced by other people and current trends.
I know people who have spent ten or twenty years following what they believed was their dream only to find themselves unhappy and unfulfilled when they finally achieved them, because they weren’t actually following their OWN dreams!
And that’s not a great place to be because we only have a limited amount of lifetime to find out what we REALLY want to do
Take A Look At Your Life Right Now And Ask Yourself If You Would Open The ‘Mystery Alternative‘ Box If Your Current Situation Was A Game Show?
You know the sort of game show I mean?
You’ve already won the washing machine and the T.V. but you kind of feel like you could do better so you’re tempted to swap what you already have for the ‘mystery alternative’ offered by the host.
Would you swap the life you have now for one that might be better?
If that’s how you feel (and I certainly did) then something is wrong with your current situation, right?
You’re not being true to the person you really are.
And it’s genuinely not your fault
We’re Living In A World That Does NOT Want Us To Change!
If you’re anything like I was you probably tried MULTIPLE ways to achieve the lifestyle and balance that you deserve, and nothing has worked yet, right?
This is because you’re fighting a system that does not WANT you to change.
Does not WANT you to be different
Does not WANT you to escpate the rat-race and live life on your own terms.
I’m not talking about some conspiracy theory weirdness here. I’m talking about the fact that the amount of pressure you’re under to conform, consume and comply is HUGE.
All apsects of our lives are now subject to stresses and influences that simply didn’t exist a generation ago.
Role-model ‘celebrities’ who don’t seem to actually DO anything, vicious reality TV shows and  constant, in-your-face ‘must have’ lifestyle consumer advertising make it near-impossible to tick all the boxes we’re supposed to tick and still feel worthwhile as human beings.
No wonder we’re all trying desperately to change how we are.
Maybe You’ve Listened To The Following Kind Of Advice In The Past?
Maybe you thought more money was the way you could ‘sort out a few things’ and move towards what you want?
Me too.
Until I started earning more money than I’d ever earned in my life before and found that I was still stressed and unhappy because other things were missing.
Maybe you thought finding your ideal job was the solution?
Well personally I’ve found that unless your work is something you love, the happiness and contentment you seek just isn’t going to follow.
And what about mindfulness or life-coaching?
How many people have you met that currently have the life they crave because they took a mindfulness class or hired a life-coach?
None probably
And even if they do make you feel better for a while they’re temporary fixes at best, because your life hasn’t actually changed.
Instead You Should Approach It From A DIFFERENT Angle
First off I am NOT some kind of Spiritual Guru.
Far from it.
I’m a big, 6′ 4” bloke living in Yorkshire who loves good food, good wine, spending time with family, friends, getting out into the countryside and making my living as from writing.
Trust me, I’m NOT some frail mystic or gentle yogi. 
But I DO know I didn’t want to shuffle off this mortal coil without at least attempting to spend my life doing things I love doing.
So I walked away from the world of work and left my 9-5 job behind to make a very good living from doing something I love. For me that was writing.
More than that, I then made a conscious decision to cut my working time down to just a couple of hours a day so I could spend time with people I love and doing things that I love.
I write about making money online from home.. That’s my niche.
I was running my business 60 hours a week and working towards becoming a millionaire when I decided it wasn’t what I really wanted.
It’s not easy to walk away from more money than you’ve ever earned in your life before let me tell you, but it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I’ve never had more free time and I’ve never been happier.
Weirdly, focusing on following my passion has resulted in me earning more money working fewer hours too, and although that was an unintentional by-product it’s very welcome 🙂
And I can show you exactly how I’ve achieved what is pretty much my ideal lifestyle ON MY OWN TERMS…
..And how I think anyone can do the same if they’re willing to make a few changes in their lives.
24 Hour Offer
Get This Course Right Now Below:
One-Time Payment $197 $97
Includes Three Weeks Personal Support
So What’s The Thinking Behind ‘Stop Kicking The Cat‘?
It’s simply this – when you’re happy with your life, you stop taking out your frustration on everyone else (including the cat), right?
And by changing your life into something that you LOVE doing, you automatically improve your relationships, your outlook on life AND your relationship to things such as money, food, diet and other things that can be a negative OR positive influence on you.
The good news is that changing your life so you get up every morning looking forward to your day (because you’re doing exactly what YOU want to be doing) is not some mystical process.
It’s about finding the right solutions for yourself as an individual using certain strategies.
I’ll show you exactly how to do this and the exact strategies I used and still use today when I want to change aspects of my life or business.
It’s life-changing.
And best of all you don’t have to know exactly what your passion even IS before you start making positive changes to your life. You can start the journey and enjoy the improvements that occur without knowing your precise destination
(Although I WILL share with you the technique I used to discover what I really wanted from my life before I started to change it – a simple strategy but which quite honestly blew my mind!)
If you’ve been told in the past that ‘No-one really likes their job, but everyone has to make money somehow’ then you’ve been mis-sold at best and lied to at worst.
Because it’s just not true.
Just because the majority of people never take the time to think about their life destination, doesn’t mean YOU can’t.
There are numerous incredibly happy people who are out there at this very moment living a life that they totally love, working less, enjoying their time, their family, their friends…
…but you rarely hear about what they do because they’re TOO BUSY LIVING IT to care about what other people think.
It’s not your fault that you haven’t realised this – it took me YEARS to work this out for myself – remember you’ve been constantly sold the myth that you can’t make a living doing what you love.
And nothing is further from the truth.
What You WON’T Have To Do:
You won’t have to wear an orange robe, get all mystical and start clanging finger-cymbals to start changing your life to the one you DESERVE to have.
You won’t need to start meditating or writing down goals every day either (unless you want to)
You won’t even need to know what direction you want your life to go in, at least to start with although that will arrive pretty quickly if you follow the strategy I used and that I use with my private clients.
You won’t have to change your diet or lifestyle and you won’t have to give up smoking and drinking or any other vice you have (although what often happens is your passion becomes such a vibrant part of your life that you feel you don’t need emotional crutches any more).
That’s not preaching by the way – I enjoy a good bottle of red wine far too frequently and if that’s an emotional crutch well that’s fine with me. It certainly hasn’t stopped me taking my life to a place I want it to be!
This isn’t about abstinence or giving up anything that you enjoy doing, in fact it’s about exactly the opposite – making your LIFE about doing what you love doing.
So What Exactly Am I Going To Show You?
I took my life from being an unhappy, unfulfilled wage-slave to someone who now makes a very good living from following their passion, right?
And in My 6-module ‘Stop Kicking The Cat’ course I explain how I reckon ANYONE can discover their true passion and happiness by using a simple back-to-basics approach that is a million miles away from all the usual ‘serious face – no laughing’ methods currently out there.
It’s about how I devised the blueprint I’m going to share with you to follow your own path  using practical solutions instead.
A REAL approach for REAL people with busy lives who have the same worries, anxieties, challenges and (lack of) willpower and money that we ALL have.
In short, you’re not expected to be perfect before you even start!
And you can use any or all of these strategies TODAY to start making changes to your life, your work, your wealth and your happiness.
Most people are prevented from acheiving their true potential because it seems to me that every aspect of life is over-complicated. It’s filled with frills, bullshit, smoke and mirrors.
Changing your life to one that reflects your true potential and true direction genuinely isn’t hard once you cut away the distractions caused by too much information, negative societal pressures and the job/passion seperation myth we’ve been fed since we were children.
Simply put – If you focus on what works and ignore the rest you get the results you want.
That’s what I’m sharing with you…
You’re About To Make Some BIG Changes!
So What’s Included?
Well I’m making this six-module course available to you for one-off price NOT a subscription fee and I’m purposely keeping it affordable so the people who need it the most can have access
As soon as you purchase you will have instant access to the entire course in PDF format so you can begin to make changes in your life and work from day one.
You can start using the strategies immediately.
Each module is compact and sans-fluff so you can implement the strategies quickly and be ready to move on with the next part.
This is a FULL six-module course that includes ALL my current strategies and everything I’ve learned but never before shared about how to discover where you REALLY want to be heading in life and how to get there AND how to KEEP it on track.
You ALSO get THREE WEEKS personal email support from me to help with any questions you have or advice specific to your own situation. This support alone is well worth the price of the entire course.
Why Is ‘Stop Kicking The Cat’ Different?
I’ve been through everything I’ve just talked about and know exactly what the challenges are and how to overcome them.
So I’ve geared this up to getting you moving towards attaining your passion as quickly as possible while seeing results as quickly as possible!
Surely you’d rather get PROVEN, WORKING Strategies from someone you KNOW does things his own way and is willing to show you exactly how you can use the exact same strategies than someone who is all theory and no practical experience?
My methods have come about because I’ve had to support a family while doing this so I had no choice but to GET REAL about where I was going very quickly
Life is very short – too short for anyone to have to do anything that doesn’t make them happy, which is why I devised ‘Stop Kicking The Cat‘ – so I no longer needed to do anything I didn’t want to.
I honestly believe I can show you the same thing
24 Hour Offer
One-Time Payment $197 $97
Includes Three Weeks Personal Support
So What Exactly Am I Going To Show You?
Well first off I’m NOT going to show you any theory.
You’ll find out what has worked for me and many of my private clients when it comes to acheiving the results they want AND the fulfilment that success brings.
This is all coal-face, in-the-trenches practical information.
EVERY SINGLE THING I show you is currently being used in my business, and my life or helped me get to where I am now.
You’ll discover how NOT following the herd can be the most rewarding thing you EVER do.
You can start using these strategies TODAY or if you’ve not yet thought about what you want from life, this will help you with that too.
Fast, simple and focused – I’ll show you exactly what to do.
So I’m going to share with you what I know (from experience) to be the single most effective strategies, systems and tweaks for finding your OWN WAY to live your life.
You can watch the herd charging towards you, gently step into a doorway while they pass,  then start walking slowly in the opposite direction towards the SUCCESS and HAPPINESS you deserve.
I’ll share secrets ( and I do think some of them genuinely ARE secrets) that I’ve learned about how most people simply need to get ‘back to basics’ to achieve their ideal life – their TRUE PASSION.
We’ll also go into wealth generation attitudes and how you can earn from your true passion which is a HUGE part of discovering your real meaning in life. We’ll look at how to break free from the mindset limitations you probably don’t even know you have (again this is life-changing stuff) and how to acquire and keep the light-hearted thought-set you need to keep your focus on track.
Is This Really Only Available To Subscribers??
YES ‘Stop Kicking The Cat’ is REALLY only available to my subscribers.
You know me by now and you know I’m true to my word.
No-one outside my subscriber list gets access to any of my products, courses, consulting and training any longer.
Is This Different To My Other Publications, Training And Courses?
YES – absolutely different.
‘Stop Kicking The Cat’ contains information that I have NEVER released before.
This is the first time I’ve ever openly talked about this side of my journey.
I’m Going To Rip How I’ve Done Things WIDE OPEN So You Can Have A Good Old Rummage Around!
And if you’ll allow me, I’d like to show you how I do what I do so you can cherry-pick the parts that are right for your personality, strengths and own personal journey.
Is This For Me, Tony?
Obviously I can’t answer that, but I can tell you what you’ll get out of my course if you put the work in…
You genuinely won’t have to exclude ANY aspects of your life that you don’t want to do and you’ll be able to do things in your own way without any negative impact on your loved ones. This isn’t about dieting or stopping smoking or getting more exercise, unless that becomes part of your new direction.
You’ll finally feel like your life is about YOU and not some phoney external goal or dream that has no real bearing on who your are.
You’ll actually have proven strategies to work from that you can use to move towards where you want to be. I’ll show you examples of how I use these and exactly how I got to the point where I started to feel truly happy.
You’ll start to really understand the possibilities of life because you’re working towards being happy, following your passion and being financially self-sufficient. While the above might not be your ultimate aim, it’s often a by-product of your success in getting there,
You can actually MAKE the changes you’ve been thnking about – even if you’re unsure what those changes are or how to start. That’s what I’m sharing in ‘Stop Kicking The Cat’
You Can Wait Another Year To See What Happens With Your Life Or You Can Start Changing Your Life Two Minutes From Now!
I don’t have to tell you that life is short.
We all know people who waited until it was to late to start allowing themselves to be happy and follow their hearts.
Strangely, with my private clients I often see a huge increase in their personal happiness and fulfilment as soon as they finally realise WHO they want to be and WHERE they want to go.
Even the act of just deciding to take that first step on their journey makes a huge difference!
And I’m teaching exactly the same strategies in ‘Stop Kicking The Cat’ that I teach to my private clients.
You’re Not Going To Get This Unique Information Anywhere Else Or From Anyone Else
This is my story, together in with the strategies I think anyone can follow to find and begin to follow their passion in life.
I’m no guru, I’m no expert and my passion is still changing and ongoing – but I AM someone who found a way to purpose-build my life and work in a way that makes me truly happy.
I’ve done it – I’ve walked the path, and I hope what I have to say in my ‘Stop Kicking The Cat’ course might help you change things too.
I’m Offering You The Freedom… 
You Just Have To Decide How To Use It!
Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.
You may have heard me say that before 🙂
I want to help you to define your own success.
I can’t guarantee you’ll succeed if you enrol on my course because I can’t make you do the work that’s required – I’m not your mum – but I can promise you that by the end of this short course you’ll have everything you need to do what I do, and earn what I earn.
I can hand that to you, starting in about 2 minutes if you wish.
The choice is yours.
See you on the inside…
One-Time Payment $197 $97
Includes Three Weeks Personal Support

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